“Mindful Eating”

We are a Danish-Tamil family with roots in Sri Lanka, and we love the traditional dosa pancakes.

Our food is made from scratch from the very best ingredients, we use our own recipes, and our food is made with love. We call it mindful eating – namely when delicious food and health go hand in hand.

Beef Spinach:

105 DKK

Marineret oksekød, spinat, tomat, fetaost, løg og grøn peberfrugt.

Chicken Curry:

95 DKK

Marineret kylling, løg, ost, grøn peberfrugt, tomat og korinader.

Pork Special:

105 DKK

Dosa pancake, vegetables, cheese, Pulled pork, cream cheese.

Veggie Special:

95 DKK

Delicious pancake made from lentils and rice with seasonal vegetables, fresh and lightly sautéed. Served with homemade chutney and cheese.

Potato Masala:

95 DKK

Rice, butter sauce and chicken.

Peanut Chutney:

20 DKK

Peanut Chutney

Tomato Chutney:

20 DKK

Tomato Chutney